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    Multiple Blob Attachments for notification -urgent

      Hi gurus,

      I'm stuck with issue for sending more than 1 attachments for notification in R12..

      I'm able to send only one blob attachment successfully as follows:

      wf_engine.createprocess (l_itemtype, l_itemkey,

      OPEN c_file_table (ln_p_contract_id);
      FETCH c_file_table INTO l_file_tbl,l_file_name;
      CLOSE c_file_table;
      wf_engine.setitemattrdocument (itemtype => l_itemtype,
      itemkey => l_itemkey,
      aname => 'ATTACHMENT2',
      documentid =>'PLSQLBLOB:xxxx_po_wf_training_pkg.xx_notif_attach_procedure/' || to_char(l_file_tbl));
      wf_engine.startprocess (l_itemtype, l_itemkey);

      For multiple attachments, I have created 3 different attributes for message..
      How can i set the attributes before wf_engine.startprocess??

      Please advise.
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          Saroja Kandepuneni-Oracle
          What problem you are facing with multiple attachments?
          You can call wf_engine.setitemattrdocument() API for multiple times by specifying its attribute name and documentid for each attribute and then call wf_engine.startprocess() to start the process.
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            Thanks for response.
            I'm doing same thing as creating multiple attributes at workflow and using loop i have set attributes using setattrdocumentid..
            For couple of attachments it worked with no issues ..
            All of sudden i'm receving this error:

            [WF_ERROR] ERROR_MESSAGE=3835: Error '-20002 - ORA-20002: [WFMLR_DOCUMENT_ERROR]' encountered during execution of Generate function 'WF_XML.Generate' for event 'oracle.apps.wf.notification.send'. ERROR_STACK=
            xxxx_po_wf_training_pkg.xx_notif_attach_procedure(, text/html)
            Wf_Notification.GetAttrblob(5737284, ATTACHMENT1, text/html)
            WF_XML.GetAttachment(5737284, text/html)
            WF_XML.GetAttachments(5737284, http://zsfysbx-app1.swift.pri:8012/, 5597)
            WF_XML.GenerateDoc(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 5737284)
            WF_XML.Generate(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 5737284)
            WF_XML.Generate(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 5737284)
            Wf_Event.setMessage(oracle.apps.wf.notification.send, 5737284, WF_XML.Generate)

            I have searched a lot in google but no help so far.. Everyone talks about bouncing and notification mailer..
            But in production we cant expect this to do..
            Logged an SR with Oracle and they advised patch but still no use.
            Looking for permanent fix.
            Is anyone encountered this issue and resolved successfully?? Appreciate sharing info.