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    Sun Storage Common Array Manager software

      trying to configure two storage arrays and cannot find the original disks

      found the website with link to the Sun Storage Common Array Manager software


      but it is a dead link...

      now i need this software or the two storage arrays cannot be reconfigured

      maintenance for them have lapse so my oracle support is not an option

      any links to be able to obtain the software... doesn't matter even if older version... doesn't need to be latest
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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          The software is available on My Oracle Support and the reference for the Solaris Sparc version is this one : 13465522
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            No Good, everytime i go to the download section for software relating to hardware i keep getting asked to

            Add Support Identifiers …

            just a log in account isn't good enough

            so back to my original problem, even though we own the equipment outright, they are essentially a couple of expensive paperweights

            it shouldn't be that hard to obtain even an older version of this necessary piece of software?

            is it possible to obtain support identifiers for sun hardware with expired maintenance? maybe that will allow me to at least download the version of the software that was available at the time of expiration?