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    metadata filter using parfile

      Hi, my parfile is as follows
      when I run the expdp utility as
      expdp "' / as sysdba'" parfile=1965x1.par 
      i am getting the following error
      Starting "SYS"."SYS_EXPORT_SCHEMA_02":  "/******** AS SYSDBA" parfile=1965x1.par
      ORA-39168: Object path TABLE was not found.
      ORA-31655: no data or metadata objects selected for job
      Job "SYS"."SYS_EXPORT_SCHEMA_02" completed with 2 error(s) at 15:59:25
      my question is why am i getting the error ORA-39168
      because when i log into my database and execute the query "Select table_name from dba_tables where table_name like '%PROFIT%' "
      I am getting two rows, so shouldn't the metadata on those two rows be exported.

      Is there something wrong with the way i wrote the parfile or am I executing the expdp with parfile worng?
      my database version is running on AIX