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    Phased Submission vs. Process Management

      Hi guys,

      I'm not quite sure of understanding the difference between these two features and the impact of disabling the "UseSubmissionPhase" and "SupportSubmissionPhaseForAccounts" in the metadata. This is my issue:

      I'm working with version It's necessary to automate the Process Management tasks. However, after talking to Oracle, they told me that taskflows do not work properly when properties "UseSubmissionPhase" and "SupportSubmissionPhaseForAccounts" are ticked (this is corrected in version My concern is that I have SubmissionGroups property enabled for accounts: all the accounts have 1, except the rates, which have 0 (only 2 accounts).

      If I disable the properties, will it impact the process? I've been testing the application and haven't seen any change. My feeling is that it's not going to impact. However, I'd really appreciate some comments about people more experienced with Phased Submission and Process Management (sadly, I'm not one of them).

      Thank you,