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    Weblogic Cluster issue

      Hell All

      I'm trying to troubleshoot a weblogic clustering issue and am hoping that i get some help here.

      Basically, I've successfully set up a cluster between 2 managed server nodes. After setting up node 1, i used the pack/unpack to build node 2. The clustering seems to work and i'm able to start both managed servers. However deployments fail on Node 2 and are successful on Node 1

      The error is mainly due to some missing class file. Weblogic is able to locate this class on node 1 however for Node 2 it returns a 'class not found' error. The jar file exists on both nodes at the same location

      Upon further investigation, i notice that there is a difference between how node 1 & node 2 are started i.e. different classpaths. We use the node manager to start up both servers.

      How do i ensure that the node manager on both nodes use the same startup script for the respective nodes so that classpaths are the same


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          I was able to figure out the issue. StartScriptEnabled=true on Node 2 fixed the issue. Nodemanager was using separate scripts on both nodes which was causing the server properties to be different
          StartScriptEnabled=true forces NodeManager to use the startManagedWeblogic script on both nodes