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    OHS server download?

      Wanted to install OHS server (as OHS server and later install WebGate with OAM).
      Appears that there are two downloads available for OHS- one comes with IDM 11.1.16 and another comes with Web Tier.
      Are both downloads same OHS server?

      This website http://www.freeoraclehelp.com/2011/12/oracle-http-server-ohs-11g-installation.html gives install example from WebTier download.
      Which download to use for OHS server? One for Web Tier or from IDM 11.1.16.

      Another question: Is Weblogic server and domain required for OHS server? Documentation says WLS domain will help for starting/stopping via WLS console utility. Is that correct?
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          For OAM webgate OHS webtier installation is required.

          Weblogic server and domain is not required for OHS server. However WLS domain does help features which can help in starting/stopping via EM console.

          Hope this helps,
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