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    Full Deployment error

      i deleted mysql schemas of both (pub & prod ) and restored the backup db file into my system, so i need to do the full deployment.. but while starting the production server shown the error like

      *16:24:46,828 ERROR [ScenarioManager] Error while trying to complete pending operation PendingDeletion[scenario*
      atg.process.ProcessException: Null value for property "subject" of repository item individualScenario:28300000
      at atg.process.ProcessUtils.getNonNullPropertyValue(ProcessUtils.java:211)
      at atg.process.ProcessManagerService.getSubject(ProcessManagerService.java:3093)
      at atg.process.ProcessManagerService.deleteIndividualInstance(ProcessManagerService.java:3288)
      at atg.process.ProcessManagerService.deleteBatch(ProcessManagerService.java:3330)
      at atg.process.PendingDeletion.complete(PendingDeletion.java:340)
      at atg.process.PendingWorkThread.run(ProcessManagerService.java:17169)

      and while starting the pub server errors shown like

      16:28:17,406 ERROR [DeploymentServer] Attempt to recover deployment '12600002' failed because it does not match the current deployment, '8500004', found in the database. Complete Status : file = C:\AE10\ATG10.0.3\home\servers\sampub\Publishing\deployment\data\dep-stat-1358411025203x : target = Production : deployedSnapshot = 13600 : deployedSnapshotTimestamp = 1357733116265 : state = 704 : stateString = ERROR_APPLY : stateTimestamp =1358411025109 : previousState = 1302 : errorMessage = Deployment '12600002' to target 'Production' encountered a system level deployment error during data transfer. An automatic rollback deployment has successfully occurred, preserving the state of target 'Production'. Click 'Resume' to re-attempt the deployment. : deploymentID= 12600002 : deploymentBeginTimestamp = 1358410618781 : deploymentLastBeginTimestamp = 1358410969187 : deploymentLastExecutionTime = 52984 : deploymentTotalExecutionTime = 52984 : deploymentProjectIDs = [Ljava.lang.String;@194e02b : deploymentToSnapshot = 16001 : deploymentFromSnapshot = 13600 : deploymentType = 2 : deploymentMode = 10 : deploymentRevert = false : deploymentServer = localhost:8850 : deploymentCreateInitiator = admin : deploymentStopInitiator = null : deploymentDeleteInitiator = null : deploymentManifestID = null : deploymentCommitted = false : deploymentSwitched = false : deploymentRollback = false : deploymentRollbackInitiator = null: deploymentRollbackManifestID = null

      while doing the full deployment,error shown like

      16:41:12,515 ERROR [DeploymentServer]
      atg.deployment.common.DeploymentException: The source virtual file system could not be found for the following file asset: 'fa100811' .at atg.deployment.common.ResourceUtil.exception(ResourceUtil.java:294)
      at atg.deployment.adapter.DistributedDeploymentAdapter.addVersionsToDeploymentData(DistributedDeployme
      at atg.deployment.adapter.DistributedDeploymentAdapter.createStandardDeploymentData(DistributedDeploym
      at atg.deployment.adapter.DistributedDeploymentAdapter.createDeploymentData(DistributedDeploymentAdapt
      er.java:678) at atg.deployment.adapter.DistributedDeploymentAdapter.transferData(DistributedDeploymentAdapter.java:
      302) at atg.deployment.server.Deployment.run(Deployment.java:1688)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)

      Thanks in advance
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          Obed Murillo
          Hi PappuATG,

          What I think is that you need to force your agents to have the newer snapshot.

          Please try the following steps:

          run this query on your pub schema
          select max(snapshot_id) from EPUB_PRJ_TG_SNSHT;

          go to this component http://localhost:8180/dyn/admin/nucleus/atg/epub/DeploymentServer/ put snapshot id from the above query inside the Force snapshot ID input text and hit init button.

          Try to do the Full deployment

          I hope this fix your problem

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            Nooruddin Shaik
            When you restored the DB from backup DB my guess would be the servers that were connected to the DB were different from the one using now.

            So you need to delete the scenario info tables and dss_server_id table from prod DB to make the scenarios start up correctly.

            And regarding the BCC server start up errors, it looks there was a pending deployment in the backup DB which is trying to deploy during server startup.
            So remove the pending deployments from epub_deployment table and start the server.

            The error during full deployment is the assets in BCC do not match what you have in PublishingAgent folder at prod.
            So delete and create the targets and the do a full deployment.