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    which path will obiee choose


      One column in rpd is mapped to two facts (both are under same LT in BMM layer) . These two facts have joins with one dimension table.
      If I select one attribute from the dimension table and the one column from the fact table , which path will obiee choose ?
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          Vineeth. K.M

          OBI will choose the most economical path based on the number of joins between a fact and a dimension table used in the report.
          In your example, since it has 2 fact tables in the LTS, BI server will dynamically choose any of the paths.

          You can, however make the BI server to choose a defined path by setting an Implicit fact column. But, this has to be set on a subject area level. Thus BI server will choose this path for all the requests on this subject area.

          Hope this helps !

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