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    installing hyper-v 2012 server on x4100m2

      I have been trying to install this for awhile. my specs are 8gb of ram, 2 sata 500 gb hds. I tried installing thru ILOM and it was sloooow and errors out. I then tried using USB installation, it loaded pretty quick but once it got to setup it started to drag, it took a long time to even change the drive parameters and format them. I then got to 65% install after about 2 hours, this is the error I get.
      windows could not install the required files make sure all files required for installation are available ,and restart the installation. error code 0x80070037

      I had installed server 2008 core on this machine when I only had 4gb of ram I do not remember it installing slow. the only changes of course is the os, 8gb of ram and I removed 2 of the sas drives and replaced with 2 sata notebook drives.