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    Need to default Reason field which is required when we reduce qty

    Vishal Majithia

      We are having R12.1.3 Instance. We have recently migrated from 11.5.9 instance. The problem here is that: In 11.5.9, when user reduce the qty, oracle does not treat this as cancellation and does not ask for a REASON field to be entered.

      In R12, Oracle treat this as a cancellation and REASON field is mandatory.

      Is there a way we can automatically populate this field by default whenever user reduce the qty? May be with some sort of customization? We have started studing the arch. impact but we are not able to find the table where qty history is getting stored.

      Our end purpose is that: we dont want user to select for any reason when they reduce the qty. As per R12, this processing constraint is MUST and we cannot disable it. If we disable it, the cancellation process will stop.

      Thanks for your help in advance.