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    Where is the proper place to call a custom package in the form library

      Hi, we are beginning to store contingent workers in HRMS. We will be using the Assignment Rates form to track agency rates. I am modifying the custom library so that it will do some validation to make sure the proper fields are populated. To do this, I am calling a package from the form library, using the values from the form. When the user saves the rates on the Assignment Rates form, I want my package to execute, which will do the additional validation, and return a message before the user closes the Assignment Rates form. However, my package does not seem to be executing until the user navigates out of Assignment Rates, out of Assignment, to the Person, and then clicking on the Assignment button again, the validation finally occurs and displays the message.

      Right now, I am calling my package from the following places. Is there some other place I should be calling my validation? I want it to execute as soon as the Assignment Rates are saved.
      (block_name = 'ASSGT') AND (name_in('assgt.assignment_type') = 'C') and (name_in('assgt.employment_category_meaning') = 'Contractor')

      (block_name = 'PGR') or ((block_name = 'ASSGT') AND (name_in('assgt.assignment_type') = 'C'))

      (block_name = 'PGR') or ((block_name = 'ASSGT') AND (name_in('assgt.assignment_type') = 'C'))

      (block_name = 'PGR') or ((block_name = 'ASSGT') AND (name_in('assgt.assignment_type') = 'C'))