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        So, I think we are using the broker.
        uffff... you haven't mentioned it that you are using Broker.
        If you are using broker then manage only with broker, if not it can cause inconsistency in configuration file of broker.
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          Thank you for your help Pinela.

          After correcting your spelling :-) I was able to get the DG Broker configured to match the database.
          DGMGRL> EDIT DATABASE 'REMEDY_DG1' SET PROPERTY 'StandbyFileManagement'='AUTO';
          Property "StandbyFileManagement" updated
          DGMGRL> show configuration
          Configuration - REMEDY_DG
            Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
              REMEDY_DG1 - Primary database
              REMEDY_DG2 - Physical standby database
          Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED
          Configuration Status:
          DGMGRL> edit database 'REMEDY_DG1' set property 'StandbyArchiveLocation'='/opt/oracle/orabackup/arch_stby';
          Property "StandbyArchiveLocation" updated
          Database - REMEDY_DG1
            Role:            PRIMARY
            Intended State:  TRANSPORT-ON
              DGConnectIdentifier             = 'REMEDY_DG1'
              ObserverConnectIdentifier       = ''
              LogXptMode                      = 'ASYNC'
              DelayMins                       = '0'
              Binding                         = 'optional'
              MaxFailure                      = '0'
              MaxConnections                  = '1'
              ReopenSecs                      = '300'
              NetTimeout                      = '30'
              RedoCompression                 = 'DISABLE'
              LogShipping                     = 'ON'
              PreferredApplyInstance          = ''
              ApplyInstanceTimeout            = '0'
              ApplyParallel                   = 'AUTO'
              StandbyFileManagement           = 'AUTO'
              ArchiveLagTarget                = '0'
              LogArchiveMaxProcesses          = '4'
              LogArchiveMinSucceedDest        = '1'
              DbFileNameConvert               = ''
              LogFileNameConvert              = ''
              FastStartFailoverTarget         = ''
              InconsistentProperties          = '(monitor)'
              InconsistentLogXptProps         = '(monitor)'
              SendQEntries                    = '(monitor)'
              LogXptStatus                    = '(monitor)'
              RecvQEntries                    = '(monitor)'
              SidName                         = 'REMEDY'
              StandbyArchiveLocation          = '/opt/oracle/orabackup/arch_stby'
              AlternateLocation               = ''
              LogArchiveTrace                 = '0'
              LogArchiveFormat                = '%t_%s_%r.dbf'
              TopWaitEvents                   = '(monitor)'
          Database Status:
          Now, I've updated the database as well with:
           alter system set log_archive_dest_3='location="/opt/oracle/orabackup/arch_stby", valid_for=(STANDBY_LOGFILE,STANDBY_ROLE)' scope=both;
          sho parameter log_archive_dest_3
          NAME                                 TYPE                             VALUE
          ------------------------------------ -------------------------------- ------------------------------
          log_archive_dest_3                   string                           location="/opt/oracle/orabacku
                                                                                p/arch_stby", valid_for=(STAND

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            Well, I wasn't sure, but apparently I am now.
            This was apparently set up using the DG Broker and that seems to be the cause of the confusion.

            I guess at this point I wonder what the advantages are to using the broker and if it makes sense to continue with it or not.
            We are not using FSFO, so what is the purpose of the broker? And does it make sense to have another layer of software (DG Broker) to contend with since we are not using FSFO.

            Either way, it seems I need to learn more about how to use the broker.
            Any suggestions for good documentation and commands for the DG Broker (Oracle 11.2).

            If I do decide to move away from the broker, how easy is it to disable the broker?
            It seems just the single init parameter in Oracle: dg_broker_start
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              Can someone explain if it is good or bad to have the normal archive location the same as the standby archive location?

              I would think the standard location for dest_1 (in the database) should be different than the StandbyArchiveLocation (in DGMgr).
              Likewise, I set dest_3 to match my StandbyArchiveLocation (in DGMgr).
              Does this make good sense or not?

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                If I do decide to move away from the broker, how easy is it to disable the broker?
                It seems just the single init parameter in Oracle: dg_broker_start
                Very simple, Follow below commands

                DGMGRL> disable configuration;

                & then

                SQL> alter system set dg_broker_start=false;

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                  great :)
                  nice work.

                  meanwhile, for most of the times, the broker will help you manage the configuration.
                  it just doesn't support some configurations (like cascading standbys, but that's another story :) ).

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                    Thank you again for your help.

                    BTW: I like your web page, and especially the articles on Grid: Alerts By type, and Target Databases Size Report.
                    Unfortunately, at my new site, they do not have Grid installed or set up.
                    That will be one of my upcoming objectives, (assuming they will pay for licensing the Perf and Anal packs).

                    Speaking of your article on Database Size Report, do you know of a way to run the reports such as space utilization over time from within DBConsole, or are reports like that only available in Grid Control? I would think we should be able to at least get the script to run the space utilization over time. I desparately need to know the growth rate of the databases I am newly assigned. And, unfortunately, they did not have a DBA prior to me and no one really knows or kept track of the growth rate. Our biggest culprit in the main database are LOB segments.

                    Our entire database is only about 100G of real data (excluding indexes), but we have 400G of space used by LOBs. I've done an RMAN backup and restore to another server and tested shrinking the LOBs. One LOB can be shrunk about 100G, but the other only shrinks 5G. Main problem here is that it takes 8-10 hours to shrink each lob segment and we have a 24x7 database that can not be stopped or put on hold. So, for now, I at least need to know how fast the database is growing, particularly the LOB segments.
                    • 22. Re: help with log_archive_dest_3

                      thank you. it is great you like the website.
                      A new one (just professional) is on the pipeline (hopefully).

                      Regarding you question, the database (to my knowledge) on its own, does not store historical space data.
                      you can get that from GC, or you can easily write your own methods.
                      - a scheduler job that runs a simple query
                      - a cron job that runs a sql script and writes to a table, or .csv or something
                      - etc..

                      basically you just need a query like this:
                      select sysdate,name,usedMB,freeMB, round(freeMB/usedMB*100,2) freePerc from (
                      select vt.name,
                      (select sum(df.bytes)/1024/1024 MB from dba_data_files df where df.tablespace_name=vt.name) usedMB,
                      (select sum(fs.bytes)/1024/1024 MB from dba_free_space fs where fs.tablespace_name=vt.name) freeMB,
                      from v$tablespace vt 
                      ) order by 4 desc,
                      this was written now, and I don't have access to a DB right now. So it may need some tweaks. But you can derive the correct results.

                      For the LOBs, you were mentioning, similar technique should be used with info from dba_segments and dba_lobs.

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