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    Rman backup


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          Based on what you've written you don't have a backup but you do have a train wreck.

          Somehow in becoming a DBA, or at least having responsibility for an Oracle database, it appears you missed the part about taking classes, getting a mentor, reading a book, or learning how to do your job. Sorry to be harsh here but what you are doing is putting the entire organization at risk. At this point, quite literally, you do not have any backups that are of any real value.

          Put the database into ARCHIVELOG mode and leave it there for the rest of your life.

          As soon as you make this change buy this book:
          and don't do anything with your database around backups not specifically recommended in this book.

          While waiting for the book to arrive go to http://tahiti.oracle.com.
          Select your database version
          Then start reading the 2 Day DBA section.
          Rhetorical question: Where's my Ativan?
          Right now retention policy is not your issue because you haven't got anything worth retaining. But when you do get something open another thread and we can discuss how this decision is made because it is not made in a vacuum and there is no "correct" answer to your question.
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            Hi damorgan ,

            Thanks for your kind reply, Also I know how to handle my database, So please you don't want to teach me anything related to DBA,