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    current_timestamp vs daylight saving time


      I asked some questions in this topic: Re: application time is changed (1 hour later)

      But I do not know how to solve this, the problem is, the time in my online application is 1 hour later than is actually is. So 21.30is actually 20.30.

      This is my code:
          select 1
          from   vex_rondes rde
          where rde.datum_einde < current_timestamp
          and    rde.id = b_rde_id
      rde.datum_einde is a date column filled with dates of course ins this format: 10-01-2013 20:45 (10th January 2013 20h45)

      How can I get this current_timestamp correct?

      this helps:
      select 1
          from   vex_rondes rde
          where rde.datum_einde+(1/24) < current_timestamp
          and    rde.id = b_rde_id
      but that's not very elegant nor generic...

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