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    What needs to change when moving system using Gateway ODBC?

      Oracle 11gR2
      Linux 6.x
      Sybase 12 (on Windows)
      unixODBC 3.2.x
      Sybase Client 12

      Given the following files or structures that are important to the proper operation of the ODBC Gateway connecting to a remote Sybase database:

      initmydblink.ora ( my version of the initdg4odbc.ini )
      dblink (not a file but the dblink in the Oracle database)

      What files (and what properties within those files) may/must be changed if the remote Sybase db and system is different (i.e. the Sybase database source has been changed to something 'new')?

      For example, I can that the odbc.ini file is going to have to be alterer to point to the new database server IP address, database port, database name?
      But is that all?

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          When you use DG4ODBC, then all details about the foreign database are located in the odbc.ini file hence you only need to change the odbc.ini file.
          Here make sure that you adopt the host, port and database settings and verify with an ODBC test utility (for example isql) that you can connect to the correct server/database.

          Just in case the new database uses a different username and password to log into the Sybase database you also have to drop and recreate the database link.

          - Klaus
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