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    How to set the option in weblogic managed server


      In a legacy application, how can I turn on a java option so that scriptlets will still be allowed?
      I know scriptlets are bad but it is there already for sometime :(
      call startManagedWebLogic.cmd MyCustomPortal t3://localhost:7001
      That is my script above to call the startManagedWebLogic.cmd and I would like to set the java option
      just like what is mention in this link http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_613126600100xro3.html

      I just dont know how to properly set this so that I can enable scriptlets as I am not that experienced in weblogic

      How to do this?

      JDEV 11G PS4
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          Jaap Spiering
          This is not really a WebCenter Portal question, is it? There's a designated WebLogic Server forum too.

          You can set startup arguments for WebLogic Servers in two ways:

          - on the Server Start tab in the Administration Console

          - by manually editing the setDomainEnv, startWebLogic or startManagedWebLogic scripts.