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    Change format in af:RichTextEditor


      I'm using Jdeveloper

      In my form I'm using af:RichTextEditor and a 'commit' button.
      I want the commit button to became enable when the user makes any change in the af:RichTextEditor,
      So I defined autoSubmit = true to the af:RichTextEditor.

      I checked and I see that only change of the data (enter or remove text) in the af:RichTextEditor, enables the commit button.
      If I only change the format, it's not enabling the commit button.

      Also I found this thread:
      RichTextEditor value change listener
      It looks like a bug.

      Do anyone have a workaround for this?
      I would like to enable the commit button only when there were changes, so to make it always enable is not a solution for me.

      Thanks a lot!