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    has 'AL32UTF8' got any relation with windows os settings.


      i am using following function for blob.
      xmltype(blobcol, nls_charset_id( 'AL32UTF8' ))

      what i have noticed by default setting are following , in fact all setting are default.

      my question is,is it ok or will it create any problme in any case,
      sitution is we read the xml to use in sp and on pages/ front end which can be on same machine or diffrent machine but it will be on windows

      1)please tel me if there is any case .
      2)has 'AL32UTF8' got any relation with windows os settings.

      yours sincerely.
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          Marco Gralike
          1) see 2 and info given?
          2) nope. The mentioned NLS Characterset is used by XMLType to identify the characterset which was used to create the XML doc and/or what characterset the XML doc has. Setting it explicitly makes sure that the correct characterset is used.

          Have a look at the NLS characterset example in the Forum FAQ mentioned in the main page of this forum
          Also, have a look at how NLS works here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/globalization/nls-lang-099431.html
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