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    Slowly when on application in HFM

      It is very very very slow when opening HFM application in workspace, and the speed of login workspace is accpetable. Everytime I open the hfm application will duration over 10 mins, I wonder why and what cause this problem? How can I find tun this issue?
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          If you connect to the HFM application through the HFM Client program, does it also take ~ 10 minutes? Does this happen everytime or only some of the time?

          My first guess would be that the App is just being started when you attempt to open it. This would lead to a bit of a delay for items such as running NoInput rules against the application. Even if the application is just starting for the first time, 10 minutes seems excessive. Possible causes would be hardware not meeting requirements or having excessive rules that are causing bottlenecks. To eliminate rules from the equation, map an App Copy, clear out the rules, and then attempt to connect to that application. If it is much faster, then it is your rules. If it still is crawling, it is most likely hardware.

          Best I can do without knowing more information and/or seeing it first hand.
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            Thank you for your reply, but when I opened the application, and inside HFM is faster.