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    OPA Installation failed

      Hey guys,
      I have a serious problem. I am trying to install OPA but I've hit a standstill. I have installed Oracle Linux 5.8, WebLogic I am now trying to install OPA 10.4.0. I have edited and zipped the WAR file as per the installation guide. I have then deployed it to my WebLogic Server, but when I attempt to access it from the testing tab it displays a 404 Error page. I do not know what the problem could be, can anybody help?
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          There is a very easy mistake to make when changing war files. When you re-zip the war file it often gets an extra directory.

          If you have a look at your war files, the directory structure should be: .\WEB-INF, .\META-INF, with no top level directory.

          often when you re-zip you get a structure like ".\web-determinations\WEB-INF", ".\web-determinations\META-INF etc. This is a very common thing to happen, and its worth checking if this is why your web application isn't deploying properly.

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            Thank you Frank, this was the case in my situation. After fixing the WAR file directory structure the web-determinations is now accessible.