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    popup page from tree link not working

      i created a tree structure and it works well but iam trying to call another page14 as popup as below but it doesnt work can pls somebody check it out and help me with a solution,
      select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0
                  when level = 1             then 1
                  else                           -1
             end as status, 
             "ENAME" as title, 
             (case when level = 1 then '#IMAGE_PREFIX#Fndtre11.gif' 
                   when level = 2 then '#IMAGE_PREFIX#Fndtre12.gif'
                   else '#IMAGE_PREFIX#Fndtre13.gif' end) icon, 
             "EMPNO" as value, 
             null as tooltip,    
      <a href=javascript:popUp2( || f?p=&APP_ID.:14:&SESSION.::&DEBUG.:: || P14_SELECTED_NODE:|| empno  || , 70, 70);> ||
       <img src=|| #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#go_button.gif>|| </a>
      as link 
      from EMP
      apex 4.1.1/oracle11g


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