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    How to search all columns of all tables in a database for a keyword?

      Dear Team,

      i have an requirement that : i want to search all the columns of all the tables in the particular database based on the specific key word or an free text.

      example :

      table 1: columns data
      empname sam
      empid 01

      table 2 columns data
      deptname sam
      departmentid 10

      table 3 columns data
      organization name sam
      organization id 1

      when i search for text " SAM"

      it should search me from the entire database, all tables and columns of it and display the result

      output : tablename cloumn value
      table1 empname sam
      table2 deptname sam
      table3 organizationame sam

      the example is just an sample not the real data .

      please help me with sample code or any link related to it .

      thanks in advance