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    Self service security

    Jaseer Abubakar
      Our client has the following setup:
      * ADF application deployed on weblogic server
      * ADF application secured using ADF security with users and roles expected to be present on weblogic server.
      * Users and roles stored on Microsoft Active Directory and connected to weblogic server through security provider configuration

      The client has the following requirement:
      * Extend the ADF app to provide self service and admin screens to the users to be able to do security related operations like change password, reset password etc

      Since all this data is mastered in Microsoft AD, I am wondering how do we go about it. What should I start looking into ?
      Should I be ..
      * looking at weblogic security APIs ?
      * looking at independent java APIs that can talk to Microsoft AD ?

      Before I invest time in any of these, I want to make sure I am heading in the right direction. Could you point me in the right direction please ?