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    Moving AdminServer and Managed server output log directory


      I am working with weblogic 12c. I want to move all the default directory of Log of weblogic into different directory. I have managed to move the access log, server log to another directory. But i cannot move the output log directory (AdminServer.out, ms-1.out) to any other directory. I managed Admin server and managed server with nodemanager.

      Is there any way to move the output log directory from default location to custom location?

      I have tried to edit wlscontrol.sh file and changed the following way,

      OutFile=$ServerDir/logs/$ServerName.out (it is default)

      after editing , OutFile=/var/log/weblogic-logs/$ServerName.out

      But when i start server output log goes into it's default location. I think any other file is responsible for the output logging parameter.