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    Could not contact any RepNode

      Greetings All...

      Having a bit of a problem. Have installed kv-2.0.23 on RHEL 6 64 bit. Everything went smoothly having carefully followed the instructions.

      Running the ping command, $JAVA_HOME/java -jar $KVHOME/lib/kvstore-2.0.23.jar ping -port 5003 -host localhost
      I get back the correct response. Same is true when using an IP address or name of the server.

      However, when I attempt to run the HelloBigData example
      $JAVA_HOME/java -cp $KVHOME/lib/kvclient-2.0.23.jar:$KVHOME/examples hello.HelloBigDataWorld -host localhost -port 5003 -store firststore

      I get the following...

      oracle.kv.FaultException: Could not contact any RepNode at: [localhost:5003] (
      Fault class name: oracle.kv.KVStoreException
      at oracle.kv.KVStoreFactory.getStore(KVStoreFactory.java:89)
      at hello.HelloBigDataWorld.<init>(HelloBigDataWorld.java:91)
      at hello.HelloBigDataWorld.main(HelloBigDataWorld.java:46)
      Caused by: oracle.kv.KVStoreException: Could not contact any RepNode at: [localhost:5003]
      at oracle.kv.impl.util.TopologyLocator.getInitialTopology(TopologyLocator.java:198)
      at oracle.kv.impl.util.TopologyLocator.get(TopologyLocator.java:57)
      at oracle.kv.impl.api.RequestDispatcherImpl.<init>(RequestDispatcherImpl.java:255)
      at oracle.kv.KVStoreFactory.getStore(KVStoreFactory.java:84)
      ... 2 more

      This holds true if I change the host to an IP address or the servers name. Under netstat I see that port 5003 is set to LISTEN as is the Admin port 5004. I also see port 5010 set to LISTEN as well...

      Any ideas as to this problem? Much thanks in advance...
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          Charles Lamb
          Check your firewall/iptables settings. Very often this is a symptom of blockage there.

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            The stack trace that you included could also be due to a failure to have completed topology deployment. It would be helpful if you included the output of the kvstore ping command - that help with the diagnosis.

            - Mark
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              Hi Mark...

              Here is what the ping:

              $JAVA_HOME/java -jar $KVHOME/lib/kvstore-2.0.23.jar ping -port 5003 -host localhost


              Pinging components of store firststore based upon topology sequence #2
              firststore comprises 0 partitions and 1 Storage Nodes
              Storage Node [sn1] on localhost:5003 Datacenter: FIRST_ONE [dc1] Status: RUNNING Ver: 11gR2.2.0.2 3 2012-11-26 07:43:35 UTC Build id: 9cbea2b69392

              Thanks for any and all assistance...
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                The output of the ping command tells you
                firststore comprises 0 partitions and 1 Storage Nodes

                Since you have 0 partitions, that means you haven't deployed a topology yet. Your storage node is running and just waiting to be configured. The quickstart guide includes an example of the commands needed to get a store fully configured (included below). You presumably left off somewhere between the "plan deploy-admin" command and the "plan deploy-topology" command.
                Take a look and see if you can figure out what steps you missed. You can also use the "show plans" and "show pools" commands to help you figure out what steps were missed.

                $ java -jar lib/kvstore.jar runadmin -host host01 -port 5000
                kv-> configure -name "mystore"
                kv-> plan deploy-datacenter -name MyDC -rf 3 -wait
                kv-> plan deploy-sn -dcname MyDC -host host01 -port 5000 -wait
                kv-> plan deploy-admin -sn sn1 -port 5001
                kv-> pool create -name MyPool
                kv-> pool join -name MyPool -sn sn1
                kv-> plan deploy-sn -dcname MyDC -host host02 -port 5000 -wait
                kv-> pool join -name MyPool -sn sn2
                kv-> plan deploy-sn -dcname MyDC -host host03 -port 5000 -wait
                kv-> pool join -name MyPool -sn sn3
                kv-> topology create -name MyStoreLayout -pool MyPool -partitions 100
                kv-> topology preview -name MyStoreLayout
                kv-> plan deploy-topology -name MyStoreLayout -wait
                kv-> show plans
                kv-> show topology
                kv-> verify
                kv-> quit

                - Mark