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    Interchage nic name Sun SPARC T4-1


      I have 2 Sun T 4-1 servers with two Quad port NIC cards installed in PCI 1 and PCI 2 slot. Found that the interface order is diffrent in 2 servers. How to align the interface name so that both servers have the same interface name. On board nic is starts from igb0 to igb3 but PCI interface number differs in between 2 servers. OS is solaris 10 8/11

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          If I understand you ...
          One of your systems has the Ethernet ports enumerated in a fashion that you like, and the other computer system has Ethernet ports that are enumerated in a fashion that you find unacceptable.

          Is that correct?

          Well, to fix it, you will need to schedule downtime.
          You will be removing and reinstalling hardware and will be pushing the box through a number of reboots.

          (1) Take the system that you "like" and completely ignore it. You will do nothing to it.
          (2) Take the other system and, as root user, navigate to the /etc directory and copy your path-to-inst file to a backup in case disaster strikes during your rebuild of the system.
          <tt>cp path-to-inst path-to-inst.orig</tt>

          (3) Next, you will need to determine which one of those four-port cards you want to be the preferred enumerated ports as you use in the "liked" system. That one will eventually have the port zero through port three, same as that other box. Know which slot you will need to install that to.

          (4) Shut down the "misconfigured" system and remove both of the four-port NICs.
          (5) Start the system again, but with a reconfiguration reboot. Once it is up you next need to, again as root user, make sure that you clean up the path-to inst file with ...
          <tt>devfsadm -C</tt>
          ( uppercase "C" to clean that file to a proper state. See the man page if necessary.) The path-to inst will no longer have references to those absent NICs.

          (6) Shut the box down again to a power-off state and install your first NIC. Boot the box with a reconfiguration boot. Your first NIC will then have the entries in the path-to-inst that you are hoping for.

          (7) Shut the box down to power-off once more time. Install your second four-port NIC and boot the system with yet another reconfiguration boot. That will write the last four device path entries as you were hoping to have.

          (8) Examine your newly configured system and determine whether all is as you want. If "Yes", then go on your merry way.

          You can eventually delete that backup copy of the path-to-inst file when you have decided all is well. It holds system information you no longer have any need for.