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    Scenebuilder not seeing controller in Maven directory structure

      I'm using maven for my javafx project, I used the javafx maven plugin @ https://github.com/zonski/javafx-maven-plugin/wiki. Everything was created correctly with a typical maven directory structure, the fxml file was created in the resources\fxml folder. When I edit the fxml file Scenebuilder will not see my controller, I have set the <?scenebuilder-classpath-element /> fxml element to the path of the controller source and the controller still cannot be seen by Scenebuilder. I have performed a build and then changed the same element to the generated jar and it still does not work.

      So as a work around I keep the fxml file in the same folder as the controller source. I've read that the scenebuilder-classpath-element is used to resolve imports for user written controls, as a suggestion for a Scenebuilder enhancement it would be nice to have the classpath element also used for the declared controller.