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    Problems with date picker not storing time element


      I have a table that contains a creation_date and a last_updated date columns which I want to maintain whenever an amendment is made to the record via an Apex form.

      We are using version 3.2.1 of APEX.

      I want to be able to store the time element in last_updated date when a change is made to a record so I have set the column as a display as text column and then set up a set_defaults process which fires when the apply changes button is pressed,
      The sequnce og f this process has been set before the automatic row processing process.

      The source of this process is as follows:
      :P3_LAST_UPDATE_DATE := to_date(sysdate,'DD-MON-RR HH24:MI');

      The date part appears to get saved but it doesn't appear to be saving the time element.

      I then tried to change the field to a date picker and actually picked a date and time and again the time element of the date that I picked did not save to the database.

      Does anyone have any idea why I am unable to save the time rthat the update was made.