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    AD + Exchange provision

      Hi All,

      Oracle IDM 11gr2
      we have both AD connector and Exchange connector .
      I want to provision them both to IDM user,
      I have Access policy which "fire' them both however
      at times it succeeds and at time (most of times) the AD is provision OK however he Exchange resource is in "provisioning" state.
      the connector server log says : could not find user ..... - when it tries to create the exchange mail.
      if I retry the task of create the exchange it succeeds - meaning when the IDM connector tries to create the exchange it does not see at this point the AD user as being created already .
      my question is:
      how do I "connect" them both ? how do I make sure that only after the AD user is created successfully only then The Exchange user will be created - every time all the times


      I took it for granted that this will be the behavior since those 2 connectors are somewhat tied together , strange behavior to my opinion .