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    btm mobitor type is showing Unregistered though registered the monitor

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I have deployed btm central servers and btm monitor to separate application servers. I registered the btm monitor by using the following command

      ./btmcli.sh registerMonitor -e http://<host_name>:<port>/btmmonitor/agent/agent -fn test_monitor -s http://<host_name>:<port>/btmcentral/sphere -l weblogic:welcome1

      Also I applied observation policy on the monitor. But now when I am selecting the monitor its status is showing up and running but Type field is showing Unregistered but I did register the monitor with above mentioned command. Can anyone please tell me what csn be the isuue? Also my observer is not working infact I am not able to view any observer under the observer section on my BTM console though I installed observer also.

      Please guide!!!