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    Confirm Dynamic Action


      Using Apex 4.2

      I have a form with a 'close' button (page item button) that has two states.

      If the data in the form has not been changed, the button will simply do a js redirect - working
      If the data has changed it will triggger a confirm DA (prompt to save and close or just close). - working

      The confirm DA with answer ok will submit and redirect ie. 'save and close' - working
      The problem I have is the confirm DA with the answer cancel just stops further execution (as advertised) but I need it to redirect with no save.

      Is this possible or am I attacking it from the wrong angle?
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          Dear Samuistu,

          Would you build a sample on a workspace on apex.oracle.com and provide developer account to be able to help you

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            Sorry, I must have needed a couple of days off!

            Essentially, what I wanted was an action to be triggered when the Cancel button was clicked in a confirm dynamic action.
            I have solved it by generating the confirm dialogue myself. Now clicking the close button has 3 possible outcomes.

            javascript:if(confirm('Save before closing?'))

            Thanks anyway.