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    How to fix the display issue for ADF Table

    rohit jana
      Dear All,

      I am facing a problem in ADF table. When displaying a table, the last row seems to be cut.
      The only way to display the last row is to manually refresh the page which is really annoying to the user.

      Is it possible to add a re-PPR to the table so that on load of the page the table rerenders, hence solving the problem.

      Can anyone help me out on this please.

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          You can try refreshing PPR programmatcly on that table.
          Bind that table with bean and when u displaying table using some button or you navigating to that page.call this method before navigation to that page.it will re refresh the table.

          Like this AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addPartialTarget(this.getOrderLinesTableBinding());