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    master-details fails working after exportCollectionActionListener init


      in application developed in jdev, in bounded task flow i have a standard master table-detail table page generated by default wizard.
      on master table i defined an export-to-excel button:

      <af:commandButton text="To Excel" id="cb1">
      <af:exportCollectionActionListener type="excelHTML" exportedId="t1" filename="file1.xls"/>

      in pagedef the underlying table's ChangeEventPolicy is ppr.
      <tree IterBinding="Tab2View1Iterator" id="Tab1View1" ChangeEventPolicy="ppr">
      when i start application ,master-detail works fine.
      if i press button to call export to excel, the ppr stops working.
      i.e. when i change record in master table, no refresh happens in detail table
      what can it be? isn't it an jdev bug nobody noticed before?
      can it be fixed somehow?