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    why is $ORACLE_GRID/rdbms/audit/ directory empty ?

      Hi All

      I have a database using 11gR2 ( I call server 1. Sometime, $ORACLE_GRID/rdbms/audit/ directory is deleted and if its exists, it doesn't audit file.

      When I log on asm via sqlplus, I see in this directory have a new file *.aud.

      I have crontab for delete old audit file as below:

      find /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/rdbms/audit/ -ctime +1 | xargs rm -rf

      I checked other database using same oracle version, $ORACLE_GRID/rdbms/audit/ directory in this server has a lot of audit files.

      Please tell me why doesn't audit file create in server 1. How to resolve it ?