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    Connection Filtering - Error 403 Forbidden

      Hi Everyone,

      This weekend we implemented Connection Filtering on JDE webserver to allow only the JDE user PCs to connect to the JDE website.
      However, every day we have 2 or 3 users that cannot connect to the site - the logon page for JDE is not displayed and then the "ERROR 403 Forbidden - The website declined to show this page" message is displayed.

      I then simply move the rule for that PC up or down in the rules list, apply the settings and it works again!!

      We're using:
      Oracle WebLogic Server 11g

      Windows 7 and Windows XP workstations with Internet Explorer.

      We use the standard connection filter:

      I enabled the logs, but have no idea where to find them :|

      Rules Sample:
      desktop001 * 84 allow
      desktop002 * 84 allow
      laptop001 * 84 allow
      server001 * 84 allow
      * * 84 deny * * allow

      We use DHCP for the desktops and laptops, hence the use of Netbios names instead of IP Addresses.

      As mentioned, if user on laptop001 calls and says he can't acccess, I move it to the op of the list, SAVE and APPLY CONFIG and it works for the rest of the day. Tomorrow morning it happens again.

      Any light you can shed on this will be appreciated.

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