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    How to access Parent page UIComponent from inlineFrame using ADF javascript


      My application includes an <af:inlineFrame component on the top portion of the page. It contains a table with delete option for the end user. Requirement is after user has deleted all the records of the table and table has no records to display, inlineFrame needs to be made invisible so that the bottom portion content of my page will get stretched fully and has more visibility to the user. Hence when user click on Delete button of the table, after delete operation, I am planning to check the row count and write javascript to client using ExtendedRenderKitService to make the inlineframe invisible.


      1. What is the right ADF javascript API to access the parent page and work with its components. I came to know we can call using 'parent.document.getElementById' but I want to know correct ADF's javascript API.

      Thanks in Advance