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    Avoid Hitting Fact

      Hi All,

      I have a general issue where i have one Fact 1 joining to 2 dimensions D1 and D2.

      No when i select the values for D1 and D2 in prompt,it goes via Fact1 which i dnt want to.

      Any help in this regard.
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          Create a new logical column, not based on any physical table. Set the formula for the column to be 1 (I.e. the number one).

          Then in the presentation layer right click the subject area in question and use the set implicit fact feature to point to the column above.

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            If you don't want Fact 1 in query then don't make D1 and D2 constrained in Prompt. Since D1 and D2 are joined via Fact 1, if you make it constrained the query will hit the Fact 1 even if you set implicit fact column as 1.

            If you have to constrain D1 and D2 then, to get a better performance you can set implicit fact column as some dummy logical column with no aggregation as Paul has suggested.

            Hope this helps