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    Second node don't start services on boot

      Hi, I have a sun cluster 3.1 solaris 9. I shutdown node1 and after node2. Then I start node2. Node2 start good but it doesn't start the services in the cluster (the Device group status and the resources groups are Offline in scstat), but it takes the quorum disk ok.

      In /var/adm/messages there are this:

      node2 Cluster.CCR: [ID 487418 daemon.error] libsecurity: create of rpc handle to program rgmd_receptionist (100141) failed
      , will not retry

      node2 Cluster.CCR: [ID 652662 daemon.error] libsecurity: program rgmd_receptionist (100141) rpc_createerror: : RPC: Progra
      m not registered

      Then I start node1 and the resources groups start ok in node1. Then I move the resources to node2 with scswitch, and the resources go ok in node2.

      Why don't start the resources in node2 if node1 are down?

      Thanks in avance.