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    No work repositories found - ODI Installation


      My team are having issues installing ODI on our pre-production agent machine. The master and (execution-only) work repository have been created on the database using ODI Studio. However, when we run the installer on the agent machine (either via the GUI or in silent mode) we are getting a message at the Work Repository Configuration step saying that 'no work repositories exist'.

      I tried creating another work repository but got the same message again when running the installer.

      The repositories exist - I can see them when I log into the database directly. Through my local ODI Studio I can also configure a new login which uses the same master repository and I'm offered a choice of either of the work repositories that I have created - so ODI Studio is recognising them. The connection to the master repository seems to be fine - there are no complaints about that. To check this, we deliberately provided invalid master repo connection details and we got a different error.

      We haven't seen this issue in any of our dev or testing environments, so we're a bit baffled.

      Anyone got any ideas?

      We're using ODI and our repository database is Oracle 11gR2. OS on the agent machine is Oracle Linux 5.6.