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    Smartview 11.1.2.x and Windows 8

      Hi Group,

      I have been asked by my IT department if it is an issue for the HFM/planning environment that they change all the client pc´s to windows 8.

      Has anybody tested that? I was especially thinking about smartview - is it affected by a new platform.

      We are on version HFM / Planning / FDM


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          Mehmet Sevinc
          Hi Per,

          I haven't had a chance to test it as I am on Windows 7, but I don't think Windows 8 is supported in Here is the supported platform matrices: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bi-foundation/hyperion-supported-platforms-085957.html

          Client Certification under EPM System Basic Platform tab would give you an idea.

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            I have a Windows 8 machine; however, I have yet to install the client due to the fact we are moving offices and things are in disarray a bit.

            I see no reason why it wouldn't work, though.

            Worst case you can fire up a virtual machine and run it that way. I actually do this regardless of the OS I'm on as I prefer to build a clean image that is just running the Hyperion toolset. It is also helpful as I can distribute it to other here and it makes deployment/configuration a lot simpler. It also makes it easy to flip/flop between versions without worrying about conflicts or other details. If you use built in Microsoft virtualization, realize that with Windows 8 Virtual PC is toast and instead Windows 8 runs Hyper-V. It's not a huge change for real basic stuff and it's actually a change for the better.

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