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    Foreign Key


      I need to find about two of the problems that i was carrying from quite some time....

      1. Why is it necessary to define foreign and primary key? - What if I only use one table of excel without any foreign key placement?

      2. While using pivot tables, My customer demands/provide table with coloumn wise data...so i mostly deal with 2 coloumns only....let say col. A and B....all i want to do is to filter coloumn B according to col. A. So I place Col. A on "Pages" Box of Pivot table to make it a drop down option....and Col. B on "Rows" box. But it gives me error as no coloumn is being placed at "Measures" Box. So i am forced to put a Col. of any aggregation value, let say, Sum or Count on "Measures" tab to work it properly. But that is purely an addition field that appear on my Pivot Table and highly unneccesary and irritating. So is there any way i can get rid of this col. or any other way i can filter col. B according to Col A.

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            1) In DWH we go with surrogate keys and in rpd physical layer based on join definition foreign keys are defined.
            I dont think these are equalent to Relational db keys

            2) I might not understand it completely, if you want to go with filter kind then you might go with report prompts.
            Since pivot table required a numeric column in measures you have to place any column irrespective of whether you need it or not.

            For 2 column report Pivot table may not good view to use

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