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    Debug declarative component

      Hi, does anybody can give an idea to debug my declarative components beans.
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          Please be more specific.
          Are you using .jspx? .jsff? .jsp?
          Do you have backing bean for your page?

          This chapter of the documentation guide describes all about Testing and Debugging Declarative Components:
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            I have a "declarative component" build in a jspx. Some of their components are binding to a backing bean attributes and methods.

            A declarative component isn't executable and should be deployed as an ADF jar library.

            When I use my declarative component jar in other application, how can I debug the bean.....

            I hope you can helpme.
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              You need to add the source files into the library of the project that is consuming your jars.
              You can zip your source files and when adding the jar into your project libraries, you can specify the location of your source.zip file.
              The link above talks about how to do that in the section:
              31.7.1 Using ADF Source Code with the Debugger

              Hope that helps.