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    GEOCODER Spatial Developper's guide error


      In the Oracle® Spatial Developer's Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) E11830-11 of May 2012

      At page 11-22 (or p. 288), section "11.5.7 GC_POI_<suffix> Table"

      Under "Table 11–13 GC_POI_<suffix> Table"

      It is mentionned "POI_NAME VARCHAR2(64) Name of the POI. (Required)"

      Oracle geocoder is actually looking for the "NAME" Column and not the "POI_NAME".

      The documentation should be updated.

      Here is the error I got from using "POI_NAME" :

      13/01/29 14:18:57 [oracle.spatial.geocoder.server.GeocoderImpl, Tue Jan 29 14:18:57 EST 2013, ERROR] Error: ORA-00904: "NAME": invalid identifier
      at oracle.spatial.geocoder.server.POI.fetchPoi(POI.java:370)
      at oracle.spatial.geocoder.server.POI.resolve(POI.java:160)
      at oracle.spatial.geocoder.server.GenericGeocoder.matchPOI(GenericGeocoder.java:1158)


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