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    Building web project with ANT


      I am using jdeveloper 11g TP4 , and for building my web application i am using Jdev,
      but now for some extra work i am using ANT, so my requirement is when i am doing make(build) of my web project it should run that Ant file (build.xml)
      i have checked the run/debug configuration but not able to run the ant implicitly..
      can anybody knows ..

      Thanks in advance

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          Alejandro Tovar Lanz

          I am not sure if this is the only answer but when I want to run an ANT file for my project I do right click on my build.xml and simply run the target I want to run. On the other hand, you can configure your RUN profile and play a bit to see if its possible to configure in there ANT to be run automatically when you run your project by using JDeveloper itself.
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            The Maven alternative might be more suitable if build is to be implicit.

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