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    iStore in Fusion?

      Just a doubt..

      What is the future of Oracle iStore in Fusion? Does the product exist in Fusion?
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          jose a

          is there any new about iStore in Fusion?

          I read, that there is not istore in Fusion Release 1.


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            Any news on it? What is the direction of iStore?
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              Bob Carini-Oracle
              iStore will continue to be the tightly integrated E-Business Suite (EBS) solution for web commerce as part of the Apps Unlimited strategy. Oracle iStore is the Order Management solution for our EBS customers, and we continue to enhance and develop new iStore capabilities. For instance, the next release of iStore (R12.2), which is currently in QA, features new user interface components based on Fusion technology (using Application Development Framework) and near-zero downtime (24x7) iStore availability. This is an example of our commitment to iStore, along with supporting our large customer install community based on a customer driven product roadmap. Going forward, we have already begun design work on additional iStore functionality for post R12.2.
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                How will the acquisition of ATG affect the istore product?  Will istore be replaced with the ATG product?  Will features of the ATG product be incorporated into istore....?