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      hi All,

      i am trying to understand xmltable path from following example from otn forum:

      please can anyone expain following line from following select command as i am new in xml.

      Please anyone could let me know about any article about xmltable and path?
      create table data_table (
        data xmltype
      insert into data_table values (
          xmltype('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
          <item_result title="M1Q14" presented="No">
             <type_label>Item Creation Time.</type_label>
         <response ident_ref="response">
             <response_form cardinality="Single" render_type="choice" timing="No" response_type="lid">
             <response_value response_status="Valid" response_time="-1">0</response_value>
         <outcomes status="Completed">
             <score varname="MANUAL" vartype="Decimal" status="Valid">
             <score varname="AUTO" vartype="Decimal" status="Valid">
      select x.*
          from data_table t
             , xmltable('/item_result'
                 passing t.data
                 columns title            varchar2(30) path '@title'
                       , presented        varchar2(3)  path '@presented'
                       , object_id        varchar2(30) path 'result_metadata/object_id'
                       , result_object_id varchar2(30) path 'result_metadata/result_object_id'
                       , bbmd_resulttype  varchar2(30) path 'result_metadata/bbmd_resulttype'
                      , type_label       varchar2(30) path 'date/type_label'
                      , datetime         varchar2(30) path 'date/datetime'
                      , score_value      number       path 'outcomes/score[score_value/text()]/score_value'
                      , score_maximum    number       path 'outcomes/score[score_value/text()]/score_maximum'
              ) x
      Best Regards,