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    Problem with using XMLTYPE

      Hello, I want to parse the fields out of an XML file with repeating tags <nextredentitycode>, and I'm having trouble with it. I can't get the XMLTYPE query below to work. My Oracle is version 11.2. And the CME_CDS is a table containing my file (stored as XML TYPE)

      The file has content like this:
                <referenceentity>ABC GL</referenceentity>

      And I want to get the <redentitycode> and the corresponding 3 <nextredentitycode> out of this data.
      My query is as follows:

      SELECT x1.entitycode
      , x4.nextredentitycode
      , XMLTABLE(
      COLUMNS entitycode VARCHAR2(128) path 'redentitycode'
      , Main_list XMLTYPE PATH 'events/event/corporateaction/nextredentitycodes'

      ) x1,
      PASSING x1.Main_list
      COLUMNS nextredentitycode varchar2(128) path 'nextredentitycode'
      ) x4
      WHERE t.ID_ = 5;

      ID = 5 is just where i store the xml type. But I keep on getting 'Expected singleton sequence - got multiple sequence' error.
      I suspect it's because of the multiple <nextredentitycode> tags using same name.

      Can you tell me if there is a way to parse this out?

      Much appreciated,