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    Reg Materailized Views -- one source two destinations || doubt

      Dear All,

      We have created Materialized Views for 8 tables of a remote DB ( say DB-Source) to our DB (say DB-1) and created some procedures and the whole setup is working fine.
      Now, we have another DB (say DB-2) which requires the same 8 table of DB-Source to run similar procedures.

      I got a doubt here. All the modifications at DB-Source are captured in MVlogs and when the DB-1 refreshes the MViews, the logs will get cleared. In this scenario, how can the DB-2 uses the same the modified data from DB-Source (if the MVlogs are cleared by the refresh of DB-1)?

      I jsut want to know whether one source of tables with MVlogs can cater it services to two DBs with the same modified information.

      Kindly suggest.