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    Create VM from Template by command line

      Dear All Experts,

      Can we create virtual machine from VM Template by command line on VM Server?
      If can, please kindly share me with example.

      Thanks and regards,
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          Bjoern Rost

          I have blogged about a very similar example here: http://portrix-systems.de/blog/brost/taking-hot-backups-with-oracle-vm/

          It describes how to set up and connect to the ssh cli. From there, you use the "clone" command to create a new VM from a template. Suppose you have a template called MyTemplate and want to clone a new VM called NewVM, then the command would be
          OVM> clone Vm name=MyTemplate destType=Vm destName=NewVM serverPool=MyPool
          I hope this helps. You can find more documentation here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35328_01/E35336/html/vmcli-ref-clone-vm.html