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    ODI SNP Tables - to find out an interface corresponds to a package


      How do I find out an ODI interface corresponds to an ODI package using ODI SNP tbales? Any Idea please.


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          A. Drieux
          Here's an SQL query to display the list of INTERFACES that are in a PACKAGE, with the target datastore and its logical schema :

          Replace odi_work by your own work schema :

          projet.project_code as Projet_Code,
          dossier.folder_name as Folder,
          pack.pack_name as Package,
          etape.nno as Step_Number,
          interf.pop_name as Interface ,
          interf.lschema_name as Target_Logical_Schema,
          target.res_name as Target_Table

          odi_work.SNP_PACKAGE Pack
          inner join odi_work.SNP_FOLDER dossier on dossier.i_folder = pack.i_folder
          inner join odi_work.SNP_PROJECT projet on projet.i_project = dossier.i_project
          inner join odi_work.SNP_STEP etape on etape.i_package = pack.i_package
          inner join odi_work.snp_pop interf on interf.i_pop = etape.i_pop
          inner join odi_work.snp_table target on target.i_table = interf.i_table

          Where 1=1

          and pack.pack_name = 'name of package'

          order by
          projet.project_code,dossier.folder_name,pack.pack_name , etape.nno